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This Kink Meme will have 18+ content. If you don't want to read anything like that, turn back now.

Please read all of the following. Thanks to 4theloveofkink for info on how to create a kink meme.

  • Anonymous posting is allowed, no captchas, and no ip logging.
  • No pairing bashing (as in "Oh I hate those two" or "I hate this pairing!".)
  • No kinkshaming (as in "that is disgusting/gross" etc).
  • No rudeness (as in no "That prompt was stupid. Who would write this!? That story sucked!").
  • If you don't like something, SCROLL pass it.
  • All sexualities are allowed such as het, slash, femslash, orgy, poly, etc.
  • 1 prompt per comment, bonuses are allowed (a bonus is something optional you'd like in the prompt).
  • No reposting your prompt.
  • Multiple fills are welcome and encouraged! Fanfic and fanart are both welcome!
  • Give spoiler warnings at the beginning of the prompt. Manga spoilers and spoilers for the most recent episode aired.
  • List warnings in the title of your prompts (ex. non-con, dub-con, incest, underage, etc)
  • Follow the formatting for posting a prompt (see below).
  • Prompts need not be kinky/sexual, they can be anything you like! Kinky, fluffy, cracky, angsty, etc.
  • If you post a prompt, see if you can fill a prompt! Worried about your art/writing/english skills? That's okay, give it a try if you really want to fill it!
  • ALL PAIRINGS AND KINKS ARE PERMITTED. Yes, all. "But what about--", no, all of them. No exceptions.
  • IF YOU FILL A PROMPT, POST IT BY REPLYING TO THAT PROMPT. That way the anon who posted the prompt will know when it's filled. You can post it on AO3 and post the link or post the fill by directly filling it in the reply to the prompt.
  • HAVE FUN. Seriously, this is a shame-free zone, so post any kinda prompt you like.
  • LIST YOUR FILLS. Link to the prompts you fill in the filled prompts section.

Subject Line:
[Character/Character] Brief Description [Any Warnings]
[Character] Brief Description [Any Warnings]
[Gen] Brief Description [Any Warnings]
Body: Your prompt itself.

Example Prompt:

[Uno/Jyugo] Date Night
Uno and Jyugo's idea of a date night is trying to escape like usual, but just the two of them, and with more kissing. Hajime hates their date night so much.


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